Monday, September 17, 2007

Henninger Premium Frankfurt Beer Lager

I needed to drown my sorrows after a heartbreaking loss by my beloved Seahawks to the Arizona Cardinals. Long story short, Matt Hasselbeck fumbled on a hand-off during a 20-20 tie with less than two minutes to go. If there was no fumble, the 'hawks would've probably been within field goal ranger, possibly even in touchdown range. But as it turned out, Arizona was the team that got within field goal range with 0:05 left on the clock and ended up winning the game 23-20. I needed a beer.

So I reached in my fridge and grabbed the first beer I could: a Henninger Premium Frankfurt Beer, a German lager in a spoilage-inducing green glass bottle. I actually couldn't find any information on the beer itself, especially on Henninger's web site. It may be known by a different name over there, I'm not sure. Just like the beer's name states, the brewery is based in Frankfurt. According to the (poorly) translated company history, the brewery traces its roots back to when Eberhard Stein opened his brewery in 1655 Frankfurt, which was the "germ cell of the mark Henninger." After the death of Eberhard's last descendant, Johannes Stein, in 1873, Heinrich Christian Henninger took over the brewery and named it after himself. In 2002, the Henninger brewery was brought under the Binding umbrella, the same company that brews Radeberger Pilsner (what I will be having Wednesday). Like many German breweries, Henninger follows the Reinheitsgebot, or the German Purity Law, that only states water, barley, and hops can be used in brewing beer. (Company history in German or English Google Translation)

Here are the (limited) stats:

Henninger Premium Frankfurt Lager
BREWERY: Henninger-Bräu, Frankfurt, Germany
CALORIES/SERVING: per 12 oz. bottle
ABV: 4.8%

Like a golden Guinness, this beer had a fantastic head, clean, white and long-lasting, retaining its shape for a full minute. The beer itself was a clear straw color. Its aroma had the odor of wheat and other grains. It's taste, while having an initial carbonated bite, was very light and not really there at all. As a matter of fact, it was kind of blah. It did have some beer taste, but it wasted away in my mouth. However, it also didn't leave much of an aftertaste. Unfortunately, as I drank the beer, one started accumulating in my mouth, but then again, that's what a lot of beers do.

In conclusion, it's not a great beer, but it's a decent lager. Don't get it for the taste, but get it if you want something other than the Big Three at a bar.


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Anonymous said...

Does Henninger still make a dark beer?