Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Welcome to the Beerocrat

Hello, and welcome to the Beerocrat. I, Jonathan, will be using this space to document my love of beer wherever it takes me.

You see, it was around my senior year of college that I fell in love with beer. Before that, I was in love with hard alcohol, mostly vodka and rum. After a bad experience or two, I lost the taste for hard A, and turned to beer. At first I didn't like the taste so much, but slowly I became hooked, beginning to appreciate the craft of the brew. It helped that the types of beer I liked were the craft brews: Red Hook, Widmer, and Henry Weinhards to name a few. Being curious, it was only natural that I wanted to learn all that I could about beer: the different types, the methods, the variety of ingredients, and so on.

That's where this blog comes in. When I try a new beer or an old favorite, I will document it here. I will find as much information as I can and post it here, along with my thoughts and observations. I will keep you up-to-date on the latest beer news, new releases and seasonal selections by some of my favorite breweries, the newest international brews released in the states, and my travels around the country and the world and the beers I encounter.

Now I warn you, I don't exactly have the palette (yet) for detecting all the ingredients and tastes by initial smell or finish or whatever. I may not ever be able to describe to you that a beer has a creamy aroma of nuts and cranberry, or has an oaky-nuttiness for the finish, or whatever. But I do know this: I love beer, and I enjoy it. I don't drink it to get drunk, I drink it to enjoy its flavor and taste. Think of me as a non-snooty beer aficionado. You love this great beverage as well, so let's drink to that.

My first beer review should be posted within the next day. I can't do it know because I gotta go to work.


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